QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) is a software program, a Microsoft Windows application, for enabling web-based applications/web services in order to exchange data with the products of QuickBooks Desktop like QB Financial Software, QB Point of Sale, etc.

The setup of this package installs around 11 files of 10.67MB(11,188,934 bytes). To use this software, you have to download and install QB Web Connector. Prior to installing/reinstalling QB Web Connector, make sure that you’ve .qwc file from the third-party web-service provider.

● Download the QuickBooks Web Connector installer.
● Unzip the downloaded installer.
● Run the .exe file.
● Then, you need to follow prompts for completing the installation process.

To pull info into QB, you need to add an application in the QB Web Connector. To do this, click on Add Application option and then Browse to the .qwc file location by the third-party application. Select & open the .qwc file to finish the process.


If you want to download QuickBooks File Doctor, then follow below instructions:


1. Download the QuickBooks File Doctor firstly.0
2. The File Doctor will automatically open after installation.
3. From the drop-down list, search for the company file.
4. Choose an option for checking file damage only.
5. Click on the “Diagnose file” option.
6. When prompted, enter the Admin password.
7. QB File Doctor will start files repairing. This process will take some time.
8. After repairing, there’s an option for opening repaired file from the tool.
9. The downloaded tool works and repairs the damaged files & network errors.

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool to repair file & data corruption issues, windows errors and so on as quick as possible. QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool facilitates fixing networking & multi-user errors occurred when opening a company file. Several errors can be resolved by this tool:

● Denial QB Desktop access.
● The poorly configured firewall of Windows.
● Unexpected QB Errors like ‘-6000, -82’, ‘ -6150’, ‘-6130’, ‘-6000, -301’ and ‘-6147’.
● Lists of customer are blank.
● Missing entries in the ‘Employees lists’.
● A virus afflicts QB files and so on.


Now, get the answer of how to Fix Web Connector error?


There are several Web Connector errors with which a user may encounter. So, go for an apt solution to get rid of errors.

● QB Web Connector failed to run (QBWC1005):


This error occurs if Web Connector can’t create the log file. The log directory wasn’t found & the Windows user doesn’t get the permission for creating directories because of some reasons.
Solution: Make sure that the current login Windows has sufficient permission for creating directories.


● Error when connecting to QB (QBWC1007, QBWC1008 or QBWC1009):


This error occurs because QB isn’t running, the dialog box is open & prevents the connection and no company file is open.


➢ Close and then re-open QB Desktop.
➢ Open the company file.
➢ In the QB Desktop, close dialog boxes/windows.
➢ Lastly, perform the task which causes the error.


● Password isn’t available for the app (QBWC1030):


This error occurs if you forgot for setting a password prior to requesting an update.

Solution: Make sure to set the Web Connector password for this application. Contact to the application provider if you don’t know the Web Connector password.


● Web Connector didn’t provide a valid username or password (QBWC1040):


This error occurs if entered password is wrong or your application doesn’t have a password


➢ Get the correct password from the application provider.
➢ Set Web Connector password.


● AppName doesn’t exist in the registry (QBWC1011):


This error occurs if QB Web Connector is sync out with the system registry.


➢ In the Web Connector, close any open window.
➢ At the computer screen bottom, click right on the Web Connector icon and then select Exit.
➢ Restart the Web Connector.


● No app was selected for update (QBWC1016):


This error occurs if a Web Connector update was clicked without selecting an application for an update.
Solution: Make sure to mark the checkbox on the application left side and then choose Update Selected.


● Web Connector is unable for running scheduled jobs if you exit (QBWC1020):


When attempted to exit, the scheduled update is set in QB Web Connector.


➢ Before closing the Web Connector, turn off Auto-Run.
➔ Under the Auto-Run column, select to uncheck boxes.
➔ Select Exit.
➢ Force quit to the Web Connector.
➔ On the error message, select Yes.


● Error when connecting to QB (QBWC1022, QBWC1023, or QBWC1024):


This error occurs if you try to find the FileID for application to add it to the registry.


➢ Close and then re-open QB Desktop.
➢ Open the company file.
➢ In the QB Desktop, close dialog boxes/windows.
➢ Lastly, perform the task which causes the error.

In case of any other error, we are here to support you for 24*7 hours, 365 days. The objective is to ensure that every QuickBooks user can effortlessly enjoy its features by incorporating Quickbooks Connection Diagnostics Tool.


How to fix the QuickBooks Web Connector error?


Follow the below steps for fixing QuickBooks Web Connector error:
1. Press Windows+R key.
2. In the Run window, type msconfig.
3. Then, hit OK and then click on the Startup tab.
4. Find & checkmark the program of QuickBooks Web Connector in the list.
5. Click Apply and then OK.
6. Restart Windows.
7. The Windows follow the next step of resolving after restarting.

Then, you need to follow the process of file renaming QWCLOG.TXT
1. Right-click on the icon of QuickBooks Web Connector from the Taskbar.
2. Select Exit.
3. Open the Windows File Manager and then navigate to log folder of C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\ QBWebConnector.
4. Right-click on the QWCLOG.TXT file.
5. Select Rename.
6. Rename the file to QWCLOGOLD.TXT and then save.
7. Restart the application of Web Connector.
8. Reboot the computer and then open QB again.
9. Try to use an online application integrated with QB.

If all these solutions don’t work out, you can come in our experts’ touch to fix QuickBooks Web Connector errors.