Most of the small & medium size businesses show their dependency on new age accounting tool-QuickBooks. No doubt, it is a versatile platform to accomplish all accounting goals very efficiently. However, quickbooks is never behind in introducing innovative concepts which can enhance user experience and lessen the complexity while performing accounting tasks. Still, users have to face inconvenience due to some unexpected errors.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1085. You can proceed by reading further if you want to know about the error.

Before Going Deep, Let’s Discuss What Is QuickBooks Web Connector:

The QuickBooks web connector is a special kind of mediator application that gives allowance to qbxml & qbposxml to pass between web-based application, qb financial software or qb point of sale. As, initiating all communication is the responsibility of web connector running with accounting software on the system, the opening of firewall ports is avoided. Communication with web services can be automatically initiated as per the convenience of the user.

QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1085

How QuickBooks Web Connector Offers XML Web Services?

Web services can be accessed by adding service reference same as it is done with any other WCF service( windows communication foundation). In this manner, if any kind of references added will target the latest .net framework version.

Web references can still be added for applications created in previous visual studio versions.( Targeting 2.0 version of .net framework).

Method to add new web service with QuickBooks Web Connector

Adding web service is as easy as downloading the file. The web connector can be easily used with any of the QB desktop product that is supported by QB SDK or QBPOS sdk along with:

  • US versions of accounting software like simple start (2006 and above), pro (2002 and above), premier( 2002 or above), enterprise solutions, QB point of sale (v4 or above) etc.
  • Canadian QB pro, premier, enterprise versions( 2003 and above)
  • UK edition of QB pro or accountant edition (2003 or above)

What does the error code QBWC1085 mean?

 This is a log file.QBwebconnector problem. Such kind of error messages is made visible in the situation when any user logs into QuickBooks and tries to access the file which is already opened any person having new QB release.

 Due to this:

  • You are not able to successfully write to the log
  • The accounting software opens without writing to log file
  • The web connector continues working in absence of log file

What Steps To Follow For Fixing Error QBWC1085?

Condition 1: When you are connected to data via third-party application in the web browser

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks & web connector
  • Next, see log by following file path: /ProgramData/Intuit/QBWebconnector/log, for windows vista, 7 & 8
  • For windows XP, follow path c:/documents & settings/all users/application data Intuit/QBwebconnector/log.
  • In the next step change the name of “qbclog.txt” file to qbclog.txl.old
  • Next restart web connector
  • After that again open quickbooks by restarting the pc and signing in to a third-party application.

Condition 2: When you haven’t connected your data to a third-party application

  • Sign in as admin
  • After that check, the log as by following path:
    • For window vista, 7 & 8 versions:
      • /programdata/microsoft/windows/startmenu/program/startup.
    • For windows xp, see:
      • /documents & settings/all users/start menu/program/startup
    • Next, format QB web connector
    • And then open quickbooks by starting pc again

Reading this blog carefully, you can overcome web connector error very efficiently. At any point in time if you face inconvenience, then you can put your concerns in-front of techies making a call at Quickbooks Support Number.