QuickBooks POS Support-An Easy Way To Import

Inventory Items In QuickBooks Point of Sale


For all small size businesses, the QuickBooks has turned out as a boon that help their accounting professionals to estimate theirfinances and calculate future scope of business on the basis of accurate accounting date. Among various versions of accounting software, QuickBooks Point of Sale help users for tracking stocks as well as deals of independent manufacturers. LikeWise MS Excel that empowers accountants to make budgetary framework, the QBPOS is composed of integrated programming that plans to manage financial management. If you have maintained your stock data in excel sheet, it can therefore be easily imported to point of sale version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS Support remains active 24x7 to help you in case of any confusion or technical interruption while processing import, however the description ahead in the blog will be helpful in this regard.

A Quick Support To Discuss Methods To Import Inventory In 

QuickBooks POS

A few valuable tips, which you all should know if you’re going to import inventory items in QBPOS:

  • Before mapping, a quick scan on complete worksheet is recommended. The purpose is to point out abnormal, odd or incorrect sort of information.
  • User Paste special > values to copy or paste file that is creating problem while creation of fresh worksheets.
  • Divide lists into small sections and freeze spreadsheets headers
  • Don’t scroll mouse, instead use keys, “page up and page down”.
  • To navigate at bottom of excel, press, Ctrl+end” and “Ctrl +homeagain go back to the beginning.
  • Avoid dashes, special characters, formula & hyperlinks
  • Deletion of empty rows, columns and hidden columns as well is recommended
  • In Spite of deleting information separately, usage of “clear contents” is recommended
  • Now use vendor > catalog import in POS in condition when customer imports vendor file.
  • With excel you’re up to 65000 rows are allowed to be added at a single point of time
  • Files with .csv extension can be saved in excel format and any kind of irregularities can be seen by opening .csv spreadsheet in notepad.
QuickBooks POS Support
Column Name MS Excel Cell Format
item number general
item name general – 32 character max
department name general
item description general
brief description general
alternate lookup general
attribute general
size general
average unit cost number – 2 decimal places
regular price number – 2 decimal places
msrp number – 2 decimal places
custom price 1- 4 number – 2 decimal places
tax code general
upc custom – 0000000000000
order cost number – 2 decimal places
item type general
base unit of measure text
company reorder point number
income account general
cogs account general
print tags text
unorderable text
serial tracking text – 25 character max
eligible for commission text
vendor name general

The data import process can be done in two below discussed steps:

As discussed earlier, importing is done to transfer files from microsoft excel sheet to POS version of Quickbooks. Two major steps are given below:

S1: Get your template

S2: Set up & import data to pos

Important: You are suggested to download new template of recreate from scratch if existing template isn’t available. Inventory items, customers, departments, employees and vendors are lists of some items which can be exported from point of sale to excel. For exporting data:

  • Navigate to, “file”->”utilities”->”export”
  • Choose, “inventory items” from, “data export wizard” then click, “next”.
  • Submit following information: Selection destination file, Write records to(sheet) and begin exporting data to row.
  • You can choose “default inventory template” from option, “choose export template”.
  • You can also manually manage mapping for matching details which are to be exported from pos.

Then clicking, “next”, validate if records are correct and then choose, “export”.

Hope, the description mentioned above is quite helpful. And why not! Reading the descriptions covers all major points which should be kept in mind while practicing methods for importing inventory in Point of sale version. Otherwise, rely on our QuickBooks Support services where, round the clock availability of Intuit certified experts will be listening your concerns genuinely & solving them just making a simple phone call at toll-free number.