What Are Major Points to Discuss with QuickBooks Payroll to use it optimally?


QuickBooks, no doubt, is the most useful and trusted accounting platform offers multiple account and finance related benefits. If we’re talking about the QuickBooks, one of the beneficial features is the payroll service. This service has made the entire employee’s payment process an easy one. Automatic calculation of tax, creation of free transactions and many other functions can be done with this use of QuickBooks payroll service. While using QuickBooks payroll, there are chances that you might come across some kind of errors. QuickBooks payroll technical support is the best option for fixing technical errors. Experiencing technical errors are very common while using any accounting software. Through technical support, all of the simple to complicated related technical mishaps will get fixed in a swift manner.


QuickBooks payroll technical support to overcome payroll related errors & technical hassles


Some of the common technical errors that you must have experienced at some point of time include error 20102 and QB error 15240. But, these errors can be rectified with the experts’ instruction and technical QuickBooks payroll support. Let’s have a look at these errors and steps for getting rid of them.


All you need to know about error 20102

o Reasons for Technical error 20102


Usually, this error happens when the user tries to sign in to direct deposit in the employer identification number. If we will see at the reasons then there are a number of factors that makes this error to happen such as:

1. When there is the incomplete installation of QuickBooks
2. If there’s any presence of threats and malware
3. When the windows registry available in the QuickBooks software gets corrupted.


o Fixing of the QB technical error 20120


If you want to fix the issue of 20120 then you can try out these steps solutions:

1. QuickBooks File Doctor tool: Whenever you’re stranded with this kind of error, try to download and installed QB diagnostic tool. This’ll help in scanning and repairing the errors of the QuickBooks payroll. For any kind of assistance on file doctor tool installation and application, you can get instant help from QuickBooks payroll technical support number.

2. Repairing of window registry: Before starting the process of window registry repair, you must follow these steps for back up of the file.

● In your system, select the ‘start’. After doing this, you need to press the key from the keyboard Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
● You’ll get a permission window box, just click on the Yes option. After this, you’ll see a black box along with a blinking cursor.
● In the next step, enter regedit and hit the Enter button. In the registry editor, select the error 20120 and click on the backup option.
● Under the file menu, select the export and folders that you need to save in the backup key of the QuickBooks.
● Once you’re done with creating the QuickBooks registry entry backup, you’re needed to edit the registry with manual steps.

If all the above-mentioned steps are appearing confusing to you then make sure to call on the helpline number for effective and prompt QuickBooks payroll technical support.


All you need to know about QuickBooks error 15240

o Reasons for error 15240


If there’ll be an update failure in the QuickBooks payroll then you might encounter error 15240. Also, this error can occur when QuickBooks updating is not successful.


o Fixing the 15240 technical error


To curb this error, QuickBooks installation needs repairing. Through QuickBooks payroll customer service number, you can ask you technical query to the technical engineers. Follow these steps to fix these errors:

1. In case you have Windows XP

● Navigate to start option and then go to control panel.
● Select and open Add or Remove Programs by making a double click on it.
● In the QuickBooks, you need to select Remove or change.
● A window of QuickBooks Installation will appear to you, click on the Next button.
● Click the Repair radio and then repair option. After this, click on the ‘finish’ option.

2. For Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

● Firstly, open your computer window.
● After this, go to change or uninstall a program.
● Choose QuickBooks and then click on uninstall or change option.
● On the window of QuickBooks installation, you need to click on next.
● Choose the repair option and then hit the ‘finish’ button.

If the error still persists then ring on the QuickBooks phone number to get swift help from the team of technical experts. All these errors will be tackled by the team of certified technical engineers.