QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software developed & marketed by Intuit. Its products are geared for small & medium-sized businesses to offer cloud-based versions and on-premises accounting applications. With this software, it becomes easy to manage & pay bills, accept business payments, track cashflow in bank accounts and to perform payroll functions. It is compatible with Microsoft Window and mac operating systems. Also, this is perfect for generating planning reports, filing taxes, invoicing customers and more. Learning Quickbooks is not a much difficult task. The hard part is to learn the process of accounting. But, Quickbooks Payroll Error 12029 may occur while you are trying to access the server. This error will fail QuickBooks access because of timed-out request caused by internet latency or when it blocked by the firewall.

A person encounters with this error 12029 while he/she updates QuickBooks or tries to update QuickBooks payroll. Always try to fix up errors as soon as possible to carry out work effortlessly in QuickBooks.

Let’s have a look at basic reasons for this Quickbooks Payroll Error 12029:

● Network timeout restricts QuickBooks in accessing the server.
● Several issues with an internet connection.
● Errors with firewall settings.
● The settings of internet security aren’t configured properly.
● Problems with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) settings.
● Microsoft Internet Explorer isn’t set as the default browser.

There are numerous for troubleshooting Quickbooks Payroll Error 12029 according to the reason because of which a user faces it.

❖ If you’re stuck in Internet connectivity issues, then follow the below instructions step by step:
➔ From the website of Intuit, download TLS 1.2 utility and then run it.
➔ Make sure to set Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default web browser.
➔ Go to secure websites which are external to QuickBooks. If you are unable to execute this task, then talk to us via QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number.

Lastly, check out whether the error 12029 is resolved or not.

❖ Go to below instructions to optimize the settings of Internet Explorer browser:
➔ Close QuickBooks and open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
➔ Press Alt key for finding tools or go to Tools.
➔ Open Internet Options and check for the Security tab.
➔ Search for Globe symbol and click on it in the Security tab window.
➔ Make sure that the security level isn’t set higher than Medium-high.
➔ Check for the Connections tab.
➔ If you’re not using the dial-up node then choose Never Dial a Connection option. Select the internet service provider if you’re using a dial-up node.
➔ Click OK and then move to LAN Settings.
➔ Search for Automatically detect settings. If this is not selected, then select it.
➔ Search for Use a Proxy Server. If this checkbox is selected then provides full address and port. Don’t remove if you already find that the mentioned port is different than 80.
➔ Select checkmark against Use a Proxy Server. Remove the mark option against Use a Proxy Server if you find port 80 for testing purposes.
➔ Choose Ok and then go to the Advanced tab.
➔ Choose Restore advanced settings.
➔ Under settings, select TLS 1.2 and click OK.
➔ Close Internet Explorer.
➔ Reboot PC.

Run QuickBooks after restarting the PC and update it. Lastly, check for QuickBooks Payroll Error 12029.

❖ Configure antivirus & firewall properly if you’re facing updating problems:
➔ Download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
➔ Save & run it.
➔ The tool will help in configuring Windows Firewall and will open up ports of firewall automatically.
➔ Check for error 12029.

❖ Execute the enlisted steps to start Windows in Safe mode with networking:
➔ Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open settings.
➔ Check for Update and Security and click it.
➔ Tap on Recovery and then go to Advanced startup.
➔ Choose Restart now.
➔ Restart the PC and then choose the option that will appear on the screen.
➔ Click Troubleshoot and then Advanced options.
➔ Select the Startup Settings.
➔ Click on Restart. Allow the system to restart. Select option number 5 from the list to ensure computer restarting process in the Safe mode with networking.

➔ Lastly, check for error 12029 on downloading updates

You can also use the reset update feature for downloading updates. If all the solutions don’t work out, then try other ways such as repair Internet Explorer and do QuickBooks clean installation in the selective startup. Reset Internet Explorer settings for repairing it. After resetting it, all the previous settings will be lost permanently. Finally, check for Quickbooks Payroll Error 12029 after repairing browser.

There’s a 24/7 hours availability for every customer throughout the world. The QuickBooks Payroll Support is the most reliable option for all of you to get rid of error 12029 without the need to go outside. On the very first call, the tech team guides you step by step to troubleshoot problems from the root cause.

If you have any doubt regarding QuickBooks and its features, then don’t worry. The team members will provide you enough information or details about it.