Here, we’re briefing you about what’s QuickBooks & Payroll together. If you want to ask anything else, then avail Quickbooks Payroll Support. When both come together, you will enjoy QuickBooks and Payroll features remote payroll assistance & outsourcing, online banking & reconciliation, electronic payment functions, mapping with Google Maps, etc. QuickBooks is developed & marketed by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses. With this application, it becomes convenient to manage & pay bills, accept business payments and to perform payroll functions. The 2008 version of QB is integrated with Excel spreadsheets, electronic funds pre-authentication, Help functions and employee time tracking options. The payroll supports to maintain records of employees’ bonuses, salaries & wages, and withheld taxes. It also helps to calculate funds and pays effortlessly.


Have a look at incredible Quickbooks Payroll features:


● Schedule payroll taxes electronic payments.
● Calculates gross pay on the basis of hours worked for both salaried & hourly employees.
● The payroll updates offer the most accurate & current rates and calculations for federal & state tax tables, e-file & pay options, and payroll tax forms.
● Deposits employee’s payroll to the employee’s savings or checking bank account directly.
● Provides the ability to 1099 Independent Contractor to send direct deposits.
● Employees can easily sign-in into the ViewMyPaycheck account and check out the current or prior pay stubs. Its website also makes it convenient for employees to get 24/7 hours online access to their paycheck info.
● QB Desktop fills in the latest Federal Forms automatically with QB Payroll Standard & Enhanced Payroll. One can print out the federal forms as well and mail to the apt federal agencies in very few steps.
● QB Desktop fills in the latest forms of State Tax with Enhanced Payroll. This will also guide you to process forms and facilitate to stay with State regulations.
● With QB Desktop Payroll Assisted, there are no penalties guaranteed.
● Pays Workers Comp premiums based on the actual data of payroll.
● QB Desktop allows accountants to enter, verify & adjust paychecks from a single screen of the spreadsheet.

To get more information about QuickBooks and its features, we suggest you make a call on the Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number to get instant help. Now, it’s time to fix up QuickBooks issues without going outside.


Just follow the things mentioned in the content below to solve the problem quickly.


1. Lost data file connection: A minor issue with the network will lead to connection loss. To troubleshoot this issue, you need to ensure that weather QB is set up perfectly or not and to check that the firewall allows the connection. Then, try to use a diagnostic tool for QB connection to determine the issue.

2. Unable to locate data file: This issue occurs when QuickBooks is unable to locate the file on the server. To fix it, you need to check if the server machine is running appropriately. If this is the issue, then make an attempt for mapping drive from client’s end to the server directly.

3. Slow connection in the multi-user mode: Users experience this issue because of slow software running. Firstly, make sure that whether the hardware is running properly or not. You may find the issue in the data file itself. In the utility area, use the Clean Up Company Data tool to speed up system significantly.

4. Non-printing printer: To get rid of this problem, you just need to rename the file qbprint.qbp to qbprint.qbp.old. So, close the QuickBooks and find the original one to reach the file to do this. Reopen QB and the printer will start working properly after renaming the file. A person usually encounters with this issue after installation of a new printer.

5. Misuse of undeposited funds accounts: You’re using the undeposited funds incorrectly when cash account and payments received isn’t increasing on the financial reports. Open up the batch checks & deposit module together after receiving payment from clients.

6. Delete transactions unknowingly: All the transactions in QuickBooks are linked together. You could delete other transactions in error, attached to it, if you make changes in one transaction. Check to make sure this is the issue or not.

7. Problem moving or copying the data file: This problem occurs when a person tries to copy the data file from one location to another. But, the data file is locked that restricts you in copying or moving it. The main reason is that both QB Server Manager and Directory Monitor are locked. Search for services.msc after QB closing and look for services to unlock them. After closing QuickBooks, you can copy the file properly.

If you’re stuck in other issues, then call on the toll-free Quickbooks Payroll Phone Number to say goodbye to them. The entire will try to sort out the glitches in a matter of minutes and ensure that you’re no longer stuck in them.

Quickbooks Payroll Support provides you the best ways to develop skills by learning and practicing this software. Plus, you will learn to tackle QuickBooks difficulties and enjoy its features in a hassle-free way.