When it comes to handling the accounts related works, the first name that comes to the mind of everyone is QuickBooks. Through this software, you can complete the accounting works in a hassle-free manner. QuickBooks payroll also allows you to do paycheck creation, tax calculation, etc. in an easy manner. But, there’s no certainty of technical errors. It can occur any hour to make your work to a pause. There are a number of technical errors that make you feel annoyed. One of them is QuickBooks Error PS060 which gives an error message of QuickBooks Online Payroll service unavailable.

All these errors require technical guidance to be fixed. If you need fixing this error then consider calling on the helpline number to avail instant technical help. Technical experts will make sure to provide you with effective solutions so that users can get rid of the errors immediately.

What QuickBooks Error PS060 is all about?


First of all, let’s learn about this error and what it is all about. This error is related to the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription. It occurs mostly because of internet connectivity problems or outdated subscription issue. With this error, the entire payroll services get affected. Whenever this error occurs, you’ll get a message displayed like-“payroll is currently unavailable”. If you’re trying to resolve this problem on your own then make sure to follow these steps:

● The Payroll subscription is active.
● You have access to internet connectivity
● You are using QuickBooks in Single-User mode whenever you’re updating QuickBooks payroll.
● Make sure that both time and date that are displaying in the computer are correct.

For troubleshooting the issue, you can either contact the QuickBooks Online Payroll support service or try out these steps for a rapid solution. There are a number of ways in which this error can be fixed. So, let’s start understanding each of them one by one:

Solution 1: Cleaning the junk files from browser internet explorer


● First of all, open the browser “Internet Explorer” on your computer. Once the browser gets opened, click on the tools tab for “Internet Options”.
● Now, you need to delete the browsing history from the browser. After this, simply click on tab of “General”
● While clearing the browsing history, make sure you’ve selected temporary website files option.
● Now, the final steps are to click on the “Delete” button. Once deleted, click on OK.

There are times when new users get the issue in finishing this step. In such a problematic situation, QuickBooks Payroll Support is the one-stop solution for you. Just make a phone call to troubleshoot these kinds of errors in an instant manner.

Solution 2: Verification of credit card information


You’ve to verify the card information to check the subscription of both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online. Let’s start with QuickBooks Online:

● Firstly, click on the icon of Gear icon which is present at the top of the page. After this, open “Account & Settings”.
● In the next steps, you’ve to click on the option of “Billing & Subscription”.
● Under the Payment tab, you’ll find the option of ‘edit’. Click on it.
● In the last step, you’re required to edit the credit card information and then save the changes by clicking on “OK”.

If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, follow these steps for resolving the error of PS060.

● The first step is to open “QuickBooks Desktop” and go to “Services & products”. On clicking it, a new window will appear in front of you. Now, you’ve to click on the payroll that you’re using.
● In the “Billing Information” section, you have to click Edit option.
● Now, make sure you have entered the correct Payment Details. Once done, click on the “Save” button.
● In the last, verify the payroll subscription information.

Solution 3: Flushing the DNS


For removal of QuickBooks Online Payroll errors, you can also follow this solution:

● First of all, press Windows and R letter together at the same time.
● You’ll get a “Run” window. In this window, type CMD in the box.
● Now, you’ve to press “Enter” and type flushdns in the window.
● The next step is to press enter and then try using payroll again

If again you get the same error PS060 then make a phone call to the QuickBooks Payroll Support phone number to get troubleshooting steps from the experts. We make sure to fix the issue by providing an effective solution to the users. Our technical support service is available round the clock for a prompt help to the QuickBooks users. Technical engineers will guide you with proper steps and solutions that are required for fixing the QuickBooks error PS060 or any other technical glitch.