QuickBooks File Doctor: Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Company file damage and network connectivity issue are two major problems which are encountered most often by users while utilizing QuickBooks. So, to fight with unwanted hindrance caused due to these two challenging issues with the accounting software, Intuit introduced a new tool in the year 2012 having provision to diagnose and overcome challenges faced by users due to file damage or network connectivity problems. The newly incorporated QuickBooks File Doctor tool was the combination of file diagnostic & network connection diagnostic tools, which in later came integrated with quickbooks 2014 R5 & enhanced versions.

Before going deep, let’s have a brief understanding of QCFD and QNCD.

What is QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool?

Known in short as QCFD, it is designed & developed for the purpose of diagnosing  & repairing problems which are responsible for the situation that restricts opening of company file. The tool is a set of programs which can be downloaded from Intuit and installed in the computer at the similar location where the company file is placed  & run.

The special point to remember about this program is that it only works .qbw files from 2006 and newer versions of the accounting software QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool?

A Network connectivity Diagnostic Tool is a program that is especially used for troubleshooting errors which you might be facing while opening a .qbw file in a multi-user environment. It is compatible with 2008 and other newer versions of accounting software. The purpose of designing this tool was to troubleshoot 6000 series error, H202 and H505 errors.

QBFD installation—It’s Simple to install.

  • Go to QB file doctor base article
  • Here, a blue button will be found, clicking which you can download setup of file doctor tool.
  • After successful completion of the download, run .exe file of file doctor tool. Doing this installer will get started
  • Availability of.Net (Dot Net) framework in the computer is must, therefore the set up will automatically proceed its installation if it does not find it in the system.

QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

How to Fix Damage Company File by Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool (QBFD)- Fix Your QuickBooks Data File

As discussed earlier, the tool is capable of diagnosing & resolving company file crash and network connectivity issues. Firstly coming to know the method of solving a Company File Damage issue. Note:File doctor does not support company file with volume more than 2 GB, therefore in case of larger company file, you should choose another way to resolve company file damage issue, i.e. using “ Intuit data services”. Download the QuickBooks File Doctor

Double click QBFD on the desktop to start the process. Once the program gets started, the following steps should be followed step by step.

Step: 1

At first, you need to search company file which you want to repair in your computer. After the program reads the file, go to & click “Diagnose File”.

QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Step: 2

In next step, you would be asked to enter UserName & password of company file which is to be checked through file doctor tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Step: 3

It takes a few minutes of time once the diagnosis process is started by the accounting software.

QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File


At last, you would be asked by the file doctor tool, the method which you use for accessing company file via file doctor tool—Server or Workstation method. A server is used when the file is located on the computer, on contrary workstation is used when the file is accessed via a network in a multi-user environment.

Important Note: It’s recommended to use file doctor in server mode.

QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Step: 5

File doctor will check whether your windows operating system shares its data with applications like file doctor tool or not.

QBFD Step5

After this process, there are three possibilities of outcomes which have already been discussed in the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool section. Possible outcomes are given below.


QBFD outcome


QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File


QuickBooks File Doctor Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File


When to Go For Advanced Options?

There are also conditions when problems are not resolved by the file doctor tool, however, the recommendation from Intuit is to contact QuickBooks Customer Service executives to resolve such issues, still, there’s provision of force fixing of errors. For this, under advanced settings option, you will get two options:  First option for both Data related and Network related diagnosis is viewed marked by default. And the second option is only for network issues. You can Force Fix 6130 error and Force fixes Data sync error with this option. Six thousand series error most often encounters when your company file gets crashed, either due to hazardous effects of antivirus or some other unknown reasons. Antivirus might have eaten some of the QB extension files. You can try advance Force fix option to fix the error if it is not getting fixed with the help of file doctor tool. Data Syncing Error Previously present transactions in accounting software, customer, or item lists are lost due to data sync error owing to which you will not be able to see your whole data. The reason is clear-The quickbooks sync manager” isn’t able to synchronize data of company file with “Intuit cloud”, resulting lost data issue is faced. Clicking option “Force Fix Data Sync error”, can help you to find the correction of an issue when file doctor fails. Diagnosing Network To perform network diagnosis, the first thing which you need clear is that there should be Administrator login in windows & windows user control must be switched off. QuickBooks File Doctor will, however, turn off the UAC by itself if you’re logged in with administrative privileges. In case user account control in windows is turned on, then the following steps should be looked at by you. Go to search bar->User Account Control settings and switch it off. After using QBFD tool, you need to switch it on again. Along with multiple benefits of network diagnosis with QuickBooks, there are limitations too associated with Network issues which should be discussed.  The major limitation with file doctor tool is that it is not able to diagnose a problem in case more than one QuickBooks versions are installed on the system. In this case, it becomes essential for you to shift your file to other systems which have only one version installed either getting out of this file doctor issue will not be possible. Going a few years back if you remember, there used to be quickbooks network connection diagnostic tool, that could easily fix those networking issues, which today is not fixed by file doctor tool; It has really come out as one of the biggest limitations that is faced by the QB users when multiple versions are installed on the same system aren’t compatible with newer accounting software versions. As a complementary solution to this problem, business should upload company file to “intuit data services”

Intuit data services-A brief

Intuit data services are provided by QuickBooks’ parent company in order to help customers facing trouble due to data loss. A user can choose one amongst several plans which user can choose as per his requirement. Well! In conclusion, if you will take the file doctor tool negatively, then you should do it at all. If we put aside its few limitations, QuickBooks File Doctor Diagnostic Tool is a real doctor & fixes a lot of problems. Points

which you should keep in mind while using QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Company file should not exceed its volume size more than 2GB, which has already been discussed before in the same article
  • It is just that your PC should not be installed with different QB versions
  • The file doctor tool is privileged to repair files with. QBW and. QBA extensions, whereas other files aren’t compatible with it
  • US, UK & CA versions of software only provide the file doctor tool facility. In case of versions other than these, on should try other tools.
  • For network diagnosis, the company file must be physically stored in PC.

Important to Note : One should keep in mind that file doctor tool came inbuilt in QuickBooks after 2014 version. Important thing is that internal file doctor is not able to solve H202(network errors) when it comes inbuilt with the accounting software. For networking error, the user finds the file doctor outside. In this case, 6000 series errors like( 6000 -82, 6000 -301, 6147, 6000 -305, 6130) can be easily fixed.