QuickBooks is a remarkable platform that offers users so many accounting benefits. Updation and introduction of features and functionalities of this software is most frequently done to enhance user experience. After all it is a software-set of programs and integration of so different software technologies and accounting methodologies. Therefore, occurrence of errors while using this accounting software can not be denied completely.

However, your connection to QuickBooks Error Support can be however one of the significant means to make you out from all sorts of quickbooks errors. With purpose of enhancing your quickbooks knowledge regarding errors, this blog will be very helpful for you. Through this blog, we are putting light on four different types of quickbooks errors with their recommended solutions.

Not Printing Checks/ not Able To Use Bill Pay Feature


Step 1: Close quickbooks

Step 2:  Locate qbprint.qbp file and rename it. Doing this file location will be changed based on windows version & quickbooks year

  • Windows 7, 8, vista: C:\\ProgramData\\Intuit\\QuickBooks YYYY
  • For windows XP: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Intuit\\QuickBooks YYY
  • Windows server 2008 & 2012-C:\\programdata\\intuit\\quickbooks year and  C:\\users\\yourusername\\appdata\\roaming\\intuit\\YYYY QuickBooks\\TSPrintersettings.

Step 3: When qbprint file has been located change its name as qbprintdelete.qbp.

Note: Old files are only kept in case of urgency when previous file might be required.

Step 4: Open quickbooks, select option file->printer setup & click option, “check/paycheck” then click ok.

After trying process of these four steps, hope problem of printing checks will be solved at great extent.

Not Able To Use Process Of Memorizing Transactions

Memorized transaction is a very important feature of QuickBooks which is however not in the awareness of every quickbooks user. Sometimes while using this feature users receive error message, that usually comes due to lack of proper knowledge. Here is the right process to memorize transactions in QuickBooks:

  • Open current or any previous transaction that you want to memorize
  • You can memorize transaction simply clicking right or going to option edit/memorize transactions when transaction are highlighted on account ledger.
  • After that window of “memorize transaction” will be launched automatically.

Import & Download Features Of QuickBooks Are Not Using

Most of the time users face issues while downloading or importing transactions into QuickBooks. The basic reason behind import & download issue is due to the issue from financial institution’s end. Some banks and financial institutions are not compatible with quickbooks, therefore downloading transactions is not possible. When trying manual downloads, in some instances download can not matchup transactions. With the process of account reconciliation, use can capture duplicate transactions to fix the mistake.

Not Reconciling Any Of The Accounts

First of all we need to know what does reconciling mean? Reconciling account simply means the process of verifying whether an account balance is correct or not. Sometimes opening balance is seen correct to users, still historical transactions seem to be unreconciled. Basically two types of conditions related to account reconciliation are experienced by users:

1.Correct opening balance, still users see outstanding amount in historical transactions

This situation can be handled under below mentioned steps:

  • Choose gear icon at top->choose option, “reconcile”.
  • The again choose gear icon for selecting “chart of accounts” from your company.
  • After that highlight account in question and select option, “run report” in action column.
  • Then choose option, “customize” & set report period to “all dates”.
  • After that apply below mentioned filters:
    • If you’re using QBO plus or essentials:
      • Select, “change columns” in rows/column section
      • Check box, “last modified”
      • Then after, go to “cleared” box-> then “reconciled” in filter section
    • If you’ve QBO simple start, go to sort by field & choose clr
  • After that choose option, “run report”.

2.Reconcile still does not match when opening balance is correct

When your opening & ending balance are correct, still differences does not show equal to zero, then there is some error in transactions which are checked marked. To fix this, you need to double-check according to the steps mentioned below:

  • In case corresponding transactions are visible on both reports, then cross them off & move forward to next transaction.
  • Remove transaction that is seen in QBO report, but not in bank statement by pressing R in reister
  • Edit transactions to make visible correct amount, in case transaction amount of QBO report differs from bank statement.
  • If bank statement shows transaction, but QBO does not have, then check register to do following modifications:
    • Save transaction placing letter R, if you find the transaction
    • Add transaction, if transaction not find & save it placing letter R.
  • You can also delete adjustments & reconcile historical transactions if adjustments are added to outstanding historical transaction amount. For doing it manually, choose option, “edit” from option & adding letter R in column.

Hope, above discussed four quickbooks errors are understood to you. If you’ve any query, then QuickBooks Support Service is quite an effective source to get online help, where quickbooks users can get immediate real time accounting solutions, either via phone call or other realtime sources of assistance. Also, don’t forget to keep in touch with our blogs posted periodically to enhance your accounting knowledge through software.