What is QuickBooks Error -6000, how reasons and solutions vary depending on status codes?

Working with QuickBooks is no doubt a very great experience, especially for professional accountants of small business. QuickBooks is getting more and more popular into the marketplace, and conquering hearts and minds of users owing to its strong capability to manage accounting issues and handle all sorts of accounting glitches in quite an efficient manner. On the other hand, if we come to discuss the major challenges faced by users while using QuickBooks, then company file & network damage issues will come to the limelight. To provide users a better know how of all company file related errors, this blog describes the 600 series error in QuickBooks & the possible ways to fix it.

QuickBooks Error -6000, is the error means you’re not able to access your company file, whatever the reasons but the problem is the same.

Various errors with status code:

Errors Possible Causes
-6176, 0 The connection between computer is blocked by the firewall
-6000, -107 Corrupted.TLG file
6000, -1076 Corrupted QuickBooks installation
-6010, -100 PC other than server hosts company file
-6012, -1061 Incorrect network configuration
-6129, -101 Database server manager isn’t working properly
-6190, 816 Another user is signed into company file in a single user mode
6190, -85 Due to mismatch between .transaction & company files with .tlg and .qbw extensions.
QuickBooks Error -6000, -832 This error occurs when.ND file isn’t working properly or hosting is on
-6000, -305 Incorrect network setup or damaged company file
-6073, -816 Firewall blocks connection or multiple computers host file
-6144,-103 .ND file has an incorrect path to the company file. Also, use account used by the data manager is damaged
-6120, 0 Firewall port 8019 blocked


Before going to fix error 6000, you need to make sure that QuickBooks desktop is up to date. Installation of QuickBooks File Doctor tool is highly recommended if you want to get your errors fixed & resolved quickly. Nowadays, file doctor tool comes inbuilt with QuickBooks & using it to troubleshoot all 6000 series errors is very easy.

After performing updates, if you think the error is still not fixed, then you need to make below-mentioned changes depending upon the situation:

Condition 1: When you’re opening file locally

Recommended solution 1:  “.ND” and “.TLG” are kind of configuration files in QuickBooks which allow QuickBooks to access company files in a multi-user environment.

Recommended solution 2: If after opening a sample company file, still there is a problem with the company file then, the problem is with QB application or company file. Sample company file isn’t opening by returning an error, that is the indication of damage of QB installation.

3: Copy QuickBooks file on the desktop

 4: Restore a backup

 5: Use ADR for restoring the backup

Condition 2: When you’re opening a file over the network

1: Check for turned on hosting on every workstation & make sure it should be off.

2: Change the name of.ND and .tlg files and rescan database manager.

3: Open sample company files on the local computer rather than a workstation.

4: Also, open company file on local pc

5: Close all QuickBooks processes, manually check the folder permission and configure firewall ports & Anti-Virus Software.

Hope, the description above has cleared all your doubts related to QuickBooks Common Error. Still, if you’ve any doubts, then you can clear them all just making calls to Intuit certified experts. Don’t forget to stay in touch with us to keep yourselves updated with such errors.