QuickBooks Error 392- Symptoms, Causes and Possible Ways to Uproot It


QuickBooks reduces accounting complexities and delivers best solutions as per best of the user convenience. It offers so many advantages not only to accomplish accounting goals, but also to process some major business functions. At the same time, no one can reduce the possible occurrence of problems, errors or technical complexities faced while using its services. And why not?A single software covers a lot. A large number of small businesses and accounting professionals use the software, and reasons behind issues can differ from person to person. Some issues might occur due to lack of proper QuickBooks knowledge and others due to technical faults. In series of error blogs, our purpose is to enhance user’s knowledge related to accounting errors. Here, we are discussing about the error 392.

Have you ever encountered with the QuickBooks Error Code 392 ? When this error code is displayed in the window, the description suggesting to close the software, the moment can be a bit annoying, but no don’t worry! It is a frequently occurred error which can be resolved very efficiently after trying some recommended steps.

Key Facts:


Error Number– 392

Error Name– QuickBooks Error 392

Error Description- A window displays a sorry message with error code 392 showing that quickbooks has problem and it needs to be closed.

Error Causes- Incomplete installation or corrupted software version, files, programs or system files


Methods of fixing errors


● Repair registry entries

● Update device drivers of computer

● Reinstall all quickbooks programs with error 392

● Use system file checker for windows

● Perform clean installation


Symptoms of Error


● The error crashes window of active program

● PC crashes while running same program

● Windows os responds very slowly with input devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.


What effective steps are recommended for fixing QuickBooks Error 392?


  • At first, you need to repair registry entries related to the error.
  • After that create backup by exporting registry party related to error
  • Now click, “start” button and go to search box & type command.
  • Hold CTRL-shift while hitting “enter” button on keyboard
  • After that, you will see dialogue box of permission in a prompt.
  • Choose option, “YES” to open black box with blinking cursor
  • Press enter after typing “regedit” and choose key related to error, the one whose backup you want to make in editor of registry.
  • Now choose, “export” from file menu and choose folder where you are likely to save backup key of accounting software.
    After saving list, write name for backup file in file name box.
  • Ensure that chosen branch is selected in export range box. For this click, “save” button. Doing ths, the gets saved with .red extension
  • Then take expert help for manually editing your registry and process complete malware scan of your PC.


Caution: Manual editing of registry of windows should be done under expert guidance. Those users who’re not expert should not try this by their own as wrong editing can stop functioning of computer. A bit mistake of even comma can hinder rebooting and lead to permanent damage to operating system.

If malware infection or virus causes the error, it means can cause damage to error related files. To stop such infection completely, you should clean everything from your system by performing disk cleanup. After cleanup of hard drive, not only error 392 will be dismissed, but also the computer performance will be enhanced.

Open command going to search option and hitting enter buttons accordingly as described in previous steps.
Write “cleanmgr”-> “enter
Calculate how much can be reclaimed by you from occupied disk.
Choose series of checkbox in disk cleanup dialog box, which you want to clean.
Hoping you liked the description and it will help you to fix error 392 in your accounting software. Otherwise, you have another good option to put your concerns of QuickBooks Error Support team just giving a single phone call.