QuickBooks is software which is developed by the Intuit. This software has gained immense appreciation from the people who run small and medium businesses for its smooth functionality and its ability to save their precious time. It is software which helps for monitoring expenses, tracking change orders, creating invoices and reports, managing customers as well as vendors and so many other tasks in a trouble-free manner. It has an important QuickBooks desktop file doctor which helps to repair minor glitches within QuickBooks application.

Sometimes this QuickBooks desktop file doctor file also crashes in case of some errors. So, let’s know through this blog that what action should be taken in a case when this file fails to work properly. QuickBooks file doctor built to prevent QuickBooks from nasty errors but what to do when this file itself stop working due to some reasons? Let’s see what the reason for the error is and how to resolve the file error.


The main error “QuickBooks file doctor stopped working” and steps to resolve it


QuickBooks file doctor is not working is shown by the software when it encountered some issues such as when it stops working, hangs, shows an exception, crashes, and other related issues. And, this error mainly comes when file doctor works to repair and fixes minor glitches within QuickBooks software.


Major reasons File doctor error


• This error may occur when the user tries to access the incorporated files.
• It may also occur during updating the files.
• This is sometimes shown when the user tries to restore files but not successfully restore.
• File doctor error is also shown when the user converts the oil version of company files over the network.
• In case of files are misplaced, damaged and corrupted, this error is reflected.
• It is also reflected when some QuickBooks files miss out during the installation process.

For fixing all these issues and resolving this error, there are so many methods which would help you. You can try any of the below-suggested methods for resolving this error.


Method 1: Configure Antivirus software


For making sure that File Doctor is working smoothly in the system, a user has to turn off the system’s hosting mode and change security firewall level and has to allow remote connections in the system. For doing so, let’s follow the giving below steps.

First of all, the users who are using MacAfee software, they have to click on the web and Email protection section. After that, go to the Firewall and have to click on ports and system services. Then, you have to click on the Add button and have to type the mule under the services name.

After that, in Local TCP/IP ports, write the TCP data for QuickBooks application. Then, under Local UDP port, write the TCP data for QuickBooks application. After that, open ports to and select ALL PCs option. In the end, click on the Save button and, restart the system.

Now it is the possibility that your system works smoothly and File Doctor error will resolve. But, you are still facing any issue, and then you can directly contact the customer care of QuickBooks software. They will surely help you and give you the guideline to resolve the problem.


Method 2: Backup restoration of Corrupted QBW files process


It is the case when File Doctor error is reflected due to the incomplete and corrupted QBW files. So for resolving this error, you have to restore the corrupted QBW files. Let’s have the look at what steps, you have to follow for the restoration process. It is one of the ideal methods to fix the File Doctor error is QuickBooks error.

First, you must do a backup for files which are damaged because backup helps in the replacement of the corrupted files with the correct ones. Them, you have to open QuickBooks and click on the file and open or restore company option will come. After that, you have to click on the restore or open a backup copy and have to press the next button.

Then, you have to choose the local Backup option and click on next button. After that, on a drop-down menu, you have to browse and have to choose the backup file location. Then, you must have selected the ‘.QBB extension’ file. After opening that file, you have to press on the next button.

After that, save in the drop-down menu will appear where you have to choose the location for restoring the files. Then, the user has to put the name of the file in the name field and with the ‘.QBW’ file, save as field will pop up. In the end, must press the save button and your restoration process will be done.

Hope! These two important and effective methods for resolving the File Doctor error will help you and you will be able to resolve such an error itself. But if you are having any problem regarding File doctor error or any QuickBooks file doctor download process on anything related to the software, you can contact the customer care service of it.