In What Different Ways The QuickBooks Error -6177, 0 Can  Be Fixed?

It’s annoying when your favourite accounting software shows error. There are various reasons behind errors, however users have to face most of the errors due to lack of proper knowledge. In this blog, we are discussing about the QuickBooks Error -6177, 0 and possible methods to fix it.

This error occurs in situation when user tries to open company file located on other computer, and it could not be opened there. The suggestion message says to open that file on the PC where it is located, however the issue can be fixed in different ways.

QuickBooks Error -6177,0

 Key Details About Error


Error Name QuickBooks Error -6177, 0
Error Code -6177, 0
Error message QuickBooks is attempting to open this company file
Recommended steps to fix error ●      Verify QB desktop is up to date ●      Move file to local drive ●      Manually fix error ●      Fix error through file doctor  

There are three different ways to resolve error -6177, 0 which all are discussed below. Before trying all these steps, you need to check & verify QuickBooks desktop is up to date.


Method 1: Manual Way To Resolve QuickBooks Error -6177, 0

In absence or inaccessibility of file doctor tool, one can choose manual option to resolve the error. Steps discussed below:

Step 1:

Navigate To Computer Which Stores Your Company Files & Close QuickBooks Desktop. Delete Network Descriptor (* .ND) File ( This file is automatically created by QuickBooks Desktop).

  • Open folder where company file is stored & find file with .ND file extension; It looks something like MyCompanyFileName.QBW.ND.
  • Right-click .ND file & select option, “delete”.

Step 2:

Configure QuickBooks Database Manager

  • Select windows start button & select Programs->QuickBooks->QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Select button, “add folder”
  • Find folder with company files & click ok.
  • Now click scan button.
  • Click close after scan is complete

Step 3:

Select Company File Access Permission In Windows

  • Navigate to option, “Set up folder permissions” for sharing company file web page for verifying that permissions are customized correctly
  • Set windows access permissions for sharing company files

Step 4:

When Full Application Is Installed On Server:

  • Switch off & on hosting
  • Use local path for opening company file
  • Create new folder


Method 2: Moving File To Local Hard Drive


  • Open file in QB from c drive, generate portable file & save it to c drive
  • Close company file, restore portable file from c drive & save to server
  • After that close company file & open company file from server

Method 3: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to fix error

-6177, 0 automatically


Using QuickBooks File Doctor tool is the best appropriate method to fix and resolve six thousand series error. Using this tool is simple and productive too, as the tool makes the changes itself without any error. Hope, you’re not new to file doctor. If you have 2016 and later versions of QuickBooks, then you will get automatic prompt message to run internal version of file doctor. Here is the short description about how to use file doctor tool for fixing error automatically.

  • Download File doctor tool & install it clicking exe file and following instructions shown on window.
  • Open file doctor tool searching in windows taskbar
  • Browse company file & manually locate it to continue
  • After that select option, “both file damage & network connectivity”, as the error is related to company file( -6177, 0).
  • In a prompt enter your admin password-> click “next”.
  • Select server/host or workstation according to the situation.
  • Choose “yes” if you run file doctor on pc that is hosting company file and “no” if you’re running tool on pc that does not host company file
  • After that wait for the software till it does not complete the diagnosis.
  • In next step close file doctor tool, check the file again to verify whether issue is fixed.


Caution: It is important for users who use windows 10. They need to check, verify and make sure that microsoft.Net 3.5 is enabled.

The description mentioned above defines the error 6177, and all possible ways to resolve it. Stay in touch with our QuickBooks Error Support representatives to get all possible help needed by you.