QuickBooks is a name that must have been heard by small and medium-sized enterprises. This accounting software has become one of the most important applications for the start owners because of it’s a long list of features and benefits. This software has reduced the workload of the professionals by tracking everyday transactions of the company, managing the sales, invoicing the customer, tax filing and many more. It is also beneficial for generating month-end or year-end reports of the finance. When it comes to important features, there’s a long list that includes QB payroll, QuickBooks Doctor File and many more.

QB doctor file is one of the most important tools that help the users in troubleshooting QuickBooks related issues. Many new users might experience some sort of technical glitches while making use of QuickBooks software. No matter what kind of technical issue you’re having with QuickBooks, all these glitches will get fixed by the QB doctor file tool.

Like any other software, QuickBooks also has a long list of technical errors that might make the users frustrated and annoyed. In such condition, users can seek technical support service from the team of knowledgeable and diligent professionals. There are some technical glitches that can be fixed by the users but some problems require prompt technical support. So, you can contact the techies for genuine technical help.


What’s this QB File doctor?


This is mainly a tool that enables users to identify and fix the QuickBooks issues. It is integrated into all the latest versions of QuickBooks software. The main objective of utilizing this software is to fix the errors that generate in the company file. If you’re stuck in any kind of technical trouble such as opening the company file then this tool is just for you. Not just this, there are many other issues that can also be troubleshot with QuickBooks Doctor File tool.


Errors that can get fixed with a QuickBooks file diagnostic tool


This tool is highly beneficial in fixing a wide range of errors. QBFD tool is specially designed to make the users get rid of the corrupted company files problem. Some of the technical errors are listed below:

• If you’re facing the technical error codes H101, H202, H303, and H505.
• When the company files in the QuickBooks is completely damaged.
• If you’re unable to view the missing lists for employees, vendors or customers in QuickBooks.
• This tool is also used for troubleshooting the problem when you’re unable to open the company file. If you’re getting an error message of error-6000 -82, error 6130, error 6000, error 6150 and many more.
• This tool can also fix the issue whenever you get any sort of network issues while accessing the multi-user setup problems.


How to install and download QB doctor file tool?


For installation of QuickBooks file doctor, you can follow these below-mentioned steps.


Step 1 for downloading and installation


• At first, you have to choose the button in order to download the Doctor File tool. After that, you’re needed to “Save” the installer somewhere on your desktop folder.
• In the next step, you have to open the downloaded file that is called QBFD.exe.
• To install the too, just follow the given onscreen steps. If getting any issue in it, double-click on the icon of the File Doctor icon on the desktop.

Step 2 Run the tool


• From the window, you’re needed to select the company file that will be available in the drop-down menu. You can also go to “Browse” to search your file.
• After this, you can go for a scan.

QuickBooks install diagnostics tool is easy to download and install. These above-mentioned steps are easy to be followed but if you’re getting any sort of technical issue during the installation process then you can seek technical professional’s instructions and guidance.

How does QuickBooks file doctor diagnostic tool diagnose a file?


• First of all, click on the icon of QB file doctor software and you’ll get a window. From that window, choose the company file that you want to repair.
• Click on the ‘browse’ and then locate the file. After selecting ‘company file’, go for ‘diagnose file’.
• After this, just enter the username and password to get access. Next step is to clicking the ‘ok’ option. This will start the diagnosis process. Wait for a few seconds till the software detects the problem.
• After completion of the diagnosis process, you’ll get a list of the errors with all the company files. Go to the option of ‘proceed’.
• In the next step, you have to choose the option of ‘server and workstation’.
• When the repairing process is complete, click on ‘open’ to see the company file.


Limitations of QBFD tool


With this QB diagnostic tool, there are certain limitations. These limitations include:

• The first limitation is that the company file should not be more than 2GB.
• It’s important to follow the admin panel so as to run the network diagnosis. Apart from this, QB also needs to be in a hosting mode.
• There is a requirement of internet connection in order to connect the entire work process.
• If Windows User Account Control is in ON mode then the diagnostic tool will re-launch with admin privileges.
• QBFD tool is only used if you are not able to access the company file. For any sort of data loss issue, this tool won’t be useful.


Solutions to fix if QuickBooks file doctor is not working


When you get any error while using QuickBooks  File Doctor , go through these solutions to fix your issues:

Solution 1 Make use of auto data recovery


After a few hours of the file creation, Auto data recovery (ADR) will start the process of examining the company file. If the file doesn’t have any error then ADR will save a copy of the file as a backup. ADR will create a copy of the file at every 12 hours as a backup. That’ll be the new file and the older file versions will get saved as ‘old’. These backup files are mainly used by the QuickBooks support staff so that they can help you in restoring the data.


Solution 2 Launching the QBFD in manual ways


• First of all, you need to launch the QB application. You’ll get an onscreen message of ‘no company open’.
• After that, go to the option of ‘file’ and then ‘utilities’. You have to choose the option of ‘Network problems and repair file’.
• You’ll get a dialog box, click ‘ok’ to proceed the QBFD application along with the administrator rights.
• Now, click on the option of ‘Yes’ and ‘continue’
• To log into the file, you’ll need to enter your QB credentials. After this, the QuickBooks file doctor will start the repairing process.
• In the next step, choose ‘advanced setting’ and then go for ‘only file diagnosis’.
• Click on the option of ‘next’ in order to finish off the launching QBFD process manually.


Solution 3


In case the error still exists then you can try configuration of the antivirus and turning off the hosting mode. This solution will make sure that the QBFD tool is running properly on your computer system.

If any of the above-mentioned solutions don’t work for the QBFD tool error then you can contact the technical support service team of executives. They’ll make sure to fix all the technical difficulties in no time. Right from QuickBooks install diagnostics tool to fixing the error related with this tool, you’ll get prompt support from the techies. All you need is to reach our customer support service so as to get a complete solution to the problem.