Nowadays, a large number of businesses are using cloud storage accounts. New age accounting software gives facility to control & manage all information related to account management and finances in the business due to its excellent cloud storage facility. The same file can be accessed by multiple people sitting different corners of the world to work on that simultaneously.

In other means, any important file of QuickBooks accounting software can be located anywhere, and it also can be opened by any of the authorized people at the same time. Among some of the recently figured out errors, it has become difficult for users to open source file & work with it due to unexpected error termed as event ID4 unexpected error 5.

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What is QuickBooks Event ID 4 Unexpected error 5?


This kind of error points out the inability of accounting software to open source file. The error appears in the path due to.Net Framework 4.0 SP1 or windows. This kind of error prevents people to sign in some important file & creates hindrance in way of effective management of their accounts.

The user is not able to access the company file of QuickBooks, and data service does not have appropriate coding for the location of the file. As a result, the file can’t be read properly.


 What is the scenario behind the error?


Once the QB integration manager is started, it tries to connect QuickBooks, the message is displayed, “integration manager couldn’t connect to QuickBooks. Please make sure it’s open.” Application section of event viewer in windows displays an error message with the statement: QuickBooks event ID4-an unexpected error occurred in “QuickBooks”: returning null QBWinInstance Handle.


This situation is created due to.Net Framework 4.0 SP1 on the system with the Windows 7 operating system.


Follow below-mentioned steps to fix the issue:  

  • Go to start menu and then click option Run
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in box “run”
  • Doing this, “programs & features” or “add/remove programs” window open
  • Locate Microsoft .net framework 4.0 by scrolling down
  • And proceed it uninstallation of Microsoft .net framework 4.0.
  • Now click, “start”-> “run” once the computer gets started
  • Again follow the previous step by typing appwiz.cpl in the run box
  • Clicking “add remove windows feature”, windows feature screen will be seen
  • Next, expand .net framework which will show .net 3.5 and check the 1st & second option
  • After that click ok, which will install .net framework 3.5
  • Now click option finish once the installation is done
  • Now follow regular integration steps after restarting the computer.

However, event ID 4 unexpected error 5 is a kind software integration issue which can be corrected by an intermediate level user.  If you face this error anytime while working with your trusted accounting software QuickBooks, then above mentioned steps can be very helpful.

Hope, following these steps you can easily get back to your accounting software by resolving errors very comfortably. In case of any confusion, you take assistance from experts via QuickBooks Phone Number.