Before going on QuickBooks Error H202, let’s know about what’s QuickBooks and how it is useful for you.
QuickBooks is popular accounting software for small & medium-sized businesses. The software offers on-premises accounting applications and cloud-based versions for managing & paying bills, payroll functions and accepting business payments. It is developed and marketed by Intuit to manage expenses & sales and to keep track of transactions regularly. This accounting software can also be used for invoicing customers, generating reports for planning and filing taxes.


Because of Intuit, QuickBooks is integrated with numerous web-based features like


➔ Remote payroll assistance & outsourcing
➔ Online banking & reconciliation
➔ Electronic payment functions
➔ Mapping through Google Maps integration
➔ Remote access capabilities
➔ Marketing options through Google
➔ Better email functionality via Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook

In the 2008 version, the organization has added employee time tracking options, electronic funds pre-authorization, import from spreadsheets of Excel and new Help functions.


Advantages that make QuickBooks different from other accounting software:


➔ Customer-oriented and simple to use accounting software.
➔ Integrated with tools to improve efficiency.
➔ Offers value-for-money.
➔ Millions of active users that expand rapidly.
➔ Evolves and improves constantly for small businesses.
➔ Easily manage taxes and sales invoices.
➔ Automated backup service to keep financial data safe & secure.
➔ Popular in safety & adaptation terms to the new technologies.
➔ Helps small & mid-sized organizations to handle their funds.

Now, what is QuickBooks Error H202 and how it affects your accounting software?
QuickBooks Error H202 hampers normal functioning of QuickBooks and restricts users to access financial data. Here, we will help you to deconstruct this error and what are its occurrence causes.

This error occurs in the multiuser operational mode of QuickBooks. When a user tries to access the company file of QuickBooks placed on another computer and the QuickBooks copy can’t reach that computer’s server.
The user was confronted with a message that the QuickBooks file you’re trying to access is located on a different computer and copy of QuickBooks can’t reach that computer’s server.


Causes of this QuickBooks Error H202 occurrence:


Primary reasons that trigger QuickBooks Error H202 includes:

Well, here’s some help for you when you get puzzled with this QuickBooks Error H202.
1. Unable to communicate with the server when trying to establish a company file connection due to below-mentioned issues:
❖ Incorrect settings of hosting configuration.
❖ The firewall of system blocks incoming & outgoing communication.
❖ Damaged or wrong DNS (Domain Name Server) settings.
❖ Unable to get the host system or server IP address hosting the company file.
2. Some internal services of QuickBooks aren’t running yet.
3. Database Server Manager of QuickBooks is damaged.
4. Port is not available.


QuickBooks File Doctor to get rid off QB Error H202 issue


The QuickBooks File Doctor is used for troubleshooting issues faced by users while using QuickBooks. Intuit has combined QuickBooks network connectivity and QuickBooks company file diagnostic tools together and named it QuickBooks File Doctor. This is a file repairing software for fixing issues with data corruption, windows problems and so on. It checks corrupt or damaged files and tries to fix them as soon as possible. To fix this issue:

1. Download QuickBooks File Doctor or run it if is already installed already.
2. Double click on the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and follow the instructions to complete the process of installation.
3. Click on the option of Browser and then locate QuickBooks issues. Start diagnostics tool of QuickBooks File for resolving any kind of QuickBooks Errors over the network.
4. Select Both File Damage and Network Connectivity or Select Network Connectivity Only option from the File Doctor Tool Window.
5. When requested, enter the Company File Admin Password and click Next.
6. Select “WorkStation” option or pick the “Server” option.
7. Again, select Yes if you’re on the QuickBooks Host / Server or No if you’re on the QuickBooks Workstation.
8. Don’t interrupt this process in between until the File Doctor diagnosis finishes.
9. After the end of diagnosis and repairing process, close the File Doctor.
10. Try to open the file of QuickBooks Company.

Repeat this process on both Workstation and Server if the problems still exist.

After the diagnosis and repairing process completion, you may reopen your file.
1. Close the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
2. Ensure to open & verify whatever screen reflects if the issue is still there.


QuickBooks File Doctor Limitations:


● Must have an internet connecting to upload and manual file repair.
● The size of company file shouldn’t be more than 2GB.
● Cannot install multiple versions on the same system.
● Supports .qba and .qbw files.


Follow the steps to QuickBooks File Doctor Download:

❏ Launch the browser and go to the official QuickBooks website.
❏ Then, search for the QuickBooks File Doctor.
❏ Click on Download.
❏ In order to start the software installation, run the file of QBFD.exe file.
❏ To install the QuickBooks File Doctor, it is important to have the framework of .net on the computer.
❏ To install QuickBooks File Doctor, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool to analyze network issue:


1. Firstly, you need to download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and then install it.
2. Run the installed tool.
3. Scan the file folder of QuickBooks Company.
4. Take the IP address note shown when the tool runs.
5. In the firewall status section, enable ports that have the “Open Ports Button”.
6. Follow the wizard instruction.
7. Open a file where Error Code H202 occurs.

If it still prevails, get firewall port exceptions present in the security software and Windows Firewall for fixing Error code H202.


You’ve several other ways to sort out this QuickBooks Error H202:

➢ Test the connectivity of network.
➢ Create a new folder for the company file.
➢ Add server to file of Windows Host.
➢ Set local files hosting.
➢ Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
➢ Delete and recreate the file of .ND.
➢ Use QuickBooks Repair Software.

If you want to go through the above solutions for fixing QuickBooks Error H202, then tap the toll-free Quickbooks Phone Number. On the very first call, you will get instant support from experienced professionals by incorporating innovative methods. They will guide you step by step to handle issues from the root cause.
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