QuickBooks company file issue has been the most common technical interference reported by most of the bookkeeping professionals using QuickBooks. And Intuit, being the parent company of this most trending account management software always keeps the end users problems in mind. As a result, it worked on the sure shot and most easy way to help users come out of technical glitches in quick and efficient means. Such new innovation was the QB install diagnostic tool, that later came to know as QuickBooks File Doctor. If you’re on this blog page, it symbolizes, either you want some updates on this small and intelligent tool of the QuickBooks, or some sort troubles in the same have encouraged you to take some smart decisions to overcome them with some informative suggestion on the internet. Download QuickBooks File Doctor , install, execution and so many concerns have been reported by n number of accounting professionals. So, keeping it the prime concern, we decided to make a strong initiative to help such people come out of such troubles in a pretty efficient manner.

So, go ahead with the blog, you’re gonna know a lot more about this magnificent tool.


When you find the QuickBooks File Doctor tool helpful?


When the user isn’t able to open QB desktop or company file; Reasons behind the problems can be varying, however, the actual situation is identified by the file doctor tool. Some of the common reasons might be:

● You might be using older or isolated QuickBooks version
● Data corruption
● Certain flaws with local extension
● Network issues might blog the file access
● Security or encryption concerns
● Hardware problems and so on

The appearance of the error message can be some time terrifying, until and unless the root cause behind the error isn’t revealed. Make connection with QuickBooks Support staff dialing toll-free QuickBooks Phone Number if you have any doubts regarding QuickBooks File Doctor Download issues.


How To Access the Tool?-A the methodology that takes you to simplicity?


General instructions to access the tool are clearly mentioned in the official support website of Intuit. The first privilege for you to use this tool is that you must be logged in your PC with administrator privileges. And it’s an essential reminder that from tool installation to the execution of diagnostic & repairing functions should be done under admin privileges.

The secondary initiative which most of the users might be missing is the UAC ( user account controls) of windows should be switched off on a temporary basis. Install the.Net framework 2.0 as it’s a presence in your system is necessary.


What is the process?


● First of all, navigate to the QuickBooks File doctor website.
● Once you reach, click the option indicating the download.
● After download, the windows installer will guide, you need to follow the guide until you get the close button.


How a feature of file diagnosis and repairing works?


● Double-clicking the tool icon, the process of repairing starts, however, you can get manually this option below the advanced menu.
● You can search for a particular file and then click the diagnose file option.
Note: You’ll be asked to submit admin credentials before further proceeding.
Network access is also the function of file doctor tool, therefore in the last, it will ask you to choose whether you want network access or not. If you want network access, then wait for our next blog where a complete step to network diagnosis will be told.


What Possible outcomes will File Doctor QuickBooks Give?


Seeing this much benefits, the tool must have become your favorite one! So, your favorite tool can give you three possible outcomes given below:


1. No problems


This indication by the tool means that the result is great! And you can continue working with your company file. Still, if file creates some issue then you can contact our QuickBooks Support Phone Number.


2. A certain problem that the tool itself can fix


This indication means, file doctor has done the repairing work, you just need to open the new file from the given option.


3. A certain problem that tool can’t fix it.


This indication means that you need to resubmit or restore certain transactions which have not been left during the backup. You will need an auto data recovery process. Another option is to take your file to the official data services page, otherwise contact our support team on phone call. We’ll let you know the best solution.



Hope, the guidelines mentioned in the website suite you well. If you’ve gone through QuickBooks File Doctor Download or company file or networking related concerns, then a one minute read of this blog will eradicate all your glitches very quickly. And the journey doesn’t stop here, our periodic updating of blogs, and continuous availability on phone call QuickBooks help will give you a friendly appearance always.